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Pakistan Thar Power Station Phase I Project Completes 168-Hour Trial Operation

Release time:2019-07-10 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

At 14:18 on July 9, the two units of the 2×330MW coal-fired power station project undertaken by CMEC in Block II of Pakistan Thar Coalfield successfully passed the 168-hour full-load trial run simultaneously and completed the performance test on the same day. At this stage, the project successfully completed all the construction objectives and tasks and was immediately transferred for commercial operation, representing the first project to achieve commercial operation among the 14 blocks in Thar Coalfield.

During the 168-hour trial run, facing the strict requirement that the two units should be connected to the grid simultaneously and the 168-hour trial run should be ended at the same time, the project department carried forward the spirit of hard work of CMEC people, conducted rational division of labor and refine management, carried out real-time inspections of various systems and equipment, dealt with unexpected problems in time, and successfully saved the results of victory by overcoming many challenges such as abnormal weather in rainy season and severe fluctuation of power grid。

During the 168-hour trial operation, the main equipment such as steam turbine, boiler, generator, and its auxiliary equipment operate safely and steadily, with 100 percent of main automatic, protective and instrumentation equipment put into operation. Indicators such as hydrogen leakage rate and vibration are good. The main technical and economic indicators and emissions met the contract requirements and were up to or superior to the design standard. 

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